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Location: P.O. Box 394
              Candlewood Isle
              New Fairfield, CT 06812

Phone:    (203) 312.0166

Fax:        (203) 746.9786


Sports Marketing

Of all the media available to an advertiser, few deliver the dedicated and loyal "hometown" fan like sports.  The implied affiliation with the home team as well as their respective leagues will deliver prestige and a positive imagery for the advertiser.

When it comes to sports there are many ways to get involved, but the best way is through a sponsorship.  Sponsorships involve multiple elements and mediums and give you the most efficient use of your investment.  The elements of sponsorships can include:

  • Broadcast
    • Television
    • Radio
  • Signage
    • In-Stadium
    • Around the Stadium
    • Naming Rights to the facility
  • Print/On-Line
    • Programs
    • Team/Station Websites
    • Fan Base E-Blasts
  • Promotions
    • Giveaways to Fans
    • Charitable Tie-ins to Game
  • Merchandising
    • Game Tickets
    • Teams Events
      • Training Camp
      • Lunch-ins
      • Golf Tournaments

Each of the above elements can be purchased individually however it is often a better investment to go the sponsorship route.  With over 50-years of sports marketing experience on the staff of Union Labor Works, we will negotiate the best program for you!


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